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Graham Roberts

Graham Roberts is an author and lecturer in banking law. He gives courses in banking law for banks and other institutions.

Graham Roberts has also written two highly regarded books: Law Relating to International Banking and Law Relating to Financial Services.

The eighth edition of the latter will be published in October 2014

Graham says, "My expertise lies in my ability to demystify this area of the law. Most banking law is not particularly difficult to understand although a few areas of this law are very complex. Over many years of writing and lecturing I have refined a process of presenting banking law in a way that people with no prior expertise with this law find works well for them."

"Banking law is often treated with hushed reverence because it tends to relate in practice to high value transactions. This does not make banking law difficult to understand, but it does make it important not to make mistakes. People are much less likely to make mistakes if they properly understand the relevant law than if they are bamboozled into thinking banking law is all totally beyond them." Graham Roberts

Book by Graham Roberts: the Law Relating to International Banking is a widely used text covering the law of commercial banking transactions.
Courses by Graham Roberts: Basics of English commercial law:- covers the legal background to the taking of mortgages, the implications of insolvency, and danger areas in English commercial and banking law.